Chance Meeting (Harlequin Presents #378) - Kay Thorpe 3 1/2 stars. You can tell this is a marriage on the rocks story because it has one of those odd HP covers showing the hero and heroine during the five minutes of the book in which they were actually happy together. HP math: happiness on the cover is inversely proportional to misery in the book.Struggling office worker Sharon marries the very wealthy Lee after knowing him barely a week. Right after their wedding, she overhears something that makes her think he had an ulterior motive for marrying her -- hurt, she convinces him that she had one too. And all is taunting and fighting and raping until they somehow get it together for a happy ending. An enjoyably angsty read with a bit of a realistic edge to it, as Sharon ponders what exactly her feelings for Lee really are. I thought it needed more emotional oomph at the end; Lee gets off too easy.