The Rainbow Promise - Lisa Gregory 3.5 stars. I was glad I'd listened to another reviewer and waited to read this until I'd read [b:The Rainbow Season|475006|The Rainbow Season (Turner's Rainbows Saga, #1)|Lisa Gregory||463249], because unlike many historical sequels in which the original couple just show up to demonstrate how glowingly in love and fertile they are, Luke and Sarah are really the main focus of this story. Luke's sister Julia has her own arc, there's another secondary (thirdy?) romance for a new black couple, and all of the storylines have their fair share of bittersweetness and angst. But Gregory continues to explore the effects of Luke's painful upbringing on his marriage to Sarah, and the other stories pale next to that, despite the fact that Julia is struggling with the same feelings of unworthiness he is.It's a very evocative story, rich in period atmosphere, and powerfully emotional. I really enjoyed Sarah's journey as she gets sick of the pedestal Luke has put her on, but I found the emphasis on sexual yearning overdone, which made the book kind of tedious at times. So it wasn't up the the first one for me, but still definitely worth the read.