Enemies at the Altar - Melanie Milburne How appropriate that I read this on April 1st, because it was one big joke. I suppose it's no surprise that the infamous porno star from [b:Deserving of His Diamonds?|13511263|Deserving of His Diamonds?|Melanie Milburne|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1330891652s/13511263.jpg|19065178] was really an innocent victim, but even aside from that, this has got a sloppier narrative than "The Teddy Bear's Picnic."Major plotholes: 1) Sienna and Andreas are told that under his father's will, they must marry or a property Andreas desperately wants will go to an unpleasant relative. The terms of the will say that if either one refuses to cooperate, the other one gets the estate. So why does Andreas, who was planning to marry someone else, keep pressuring her to cooperate? And why doesn't he just get the property when she initially refuses?2) Sienna was involved in an enormous scandal involving an internet sex tape; it nearly ruined her twin sister's life in the first book. When she tells the real story to Andreas -- she was drunk or possibly drugged and woke up naked -- he quite reasonably points out she was the victim of a crime. She says, "I didn't know if a crime had been committed. The tape showed me kissing that guy and him kissing me and his arms and hands all over me, but there was no way of knowing if anything else had happened." Yes, that's the stuff of which huge life-ruining scandals are made, alright -- something you could watch on any cable channel. (Not to mention, even if he didn't rape her, it was still assault, and filming her without her consent.)3) Sienna was married to a gay man, as his beard. Because of course the woman a man would choose to help him maintain a respectable public cover is one who's recently been involved in a huge sex scandal.4) Sienna was the poor daughter of Andrea's father's housekeeper and mistress. She disliked his father and there's no indication that he ever gave her anything. Just where did she get the money and time to be a celebrity "Nightclub Nymphet" who's always in the papers?The excess of stupid -- which even leaks out to make the first book stupider, since everyone actually knew who the woman in the tape was -- made it hard to get caught up in the parts of the story that weren't completely idiotic, and I never much cared whether Andreas and Sienna would end up together.(ETA - fixed the link!)