A Man to Be Feared - Anne Hampson This is a Cinderella story, except that the hero isn't the handsome prince, but more like one of the coachmen who turns back into a rat. Juliet is an unpaid drudge for her aunt, uncle, and cousin who are nasty to the point of insisting she use a different name. (This will become incredibly convenient later on.) Lonely and miserable, Juliet falls instantly in love with a picture of her cousin's paramour Dorian Coralis, so much so she even dies her hair brunette to resemble the cousin. (This will become incredibly convenient later on.) But when she invites Dorian for a walk and tries to show him how much she loves him, he betrays her, with dire consequences.Years later, Juliet is independent and her true self again… except for an accident which resulted in a completely different, very beautiful face. (This will become incredibly convenient shortly.) Yes, when she once again encounters Dorian, he naturally doesn't know her with the different face, hair, and name. Giving Juliet the opportunity to seek revenge.Hampson's books always make me want to start a shelf called "ye olde skool." This one opens with gossiping villagers describing the main characters and their situation, and has tons of authorial "little did she know" asides -- it's so dated, it's charming. And the story just had me glued to my seat (can I sue Hampson's estate because I didn't make it to the gym today?) It gets kind of hairy in the way of older Presents Marital rape. You're just so surprised, aren't you. but though I wouldn't have minded one or two more just desserts for Dorian, it ultimately felt pretty balanced and satisfying, to me.