Seduction of a Highland Lass  - Maya Banks OMG, that cover. Inauthentic Kilt Lad meets Inauthentic Nightgown Lass.Keeley MaDonald was unfairly cast out from her clan; now she lives on the outskirts, surviving through gifts from those she helps as a healer. When wounded warrior Alaric MacCabe collapses outside her cottage, she takes him in and nurses him, finding herself beguiled when the feverish Alaric holds her close and calls her his angel. But Alaric is forced to make a clan alliance, so a relationship between them can never be.Another in the "big bad warrior meets adorably feisty small woman" genre. Banks is getting pretty predictable; no matter what genre, she writes the same relationships and interactions. I adore this sort of plot and I probably would have enjoyed it much more if I weren't so used to Bank's patterns. Also, Keeley mentally grumps an awful lot -- not that she doesn't have good reason to, but it comes off as whiny. (Perhaps it's less annoying to read than to listen to.) And the inevitable solution is so obvious, I wanted to knock someone in the head for not having suggested it earlier. Still, there's a lot of good drama and heartache, and the ending is deliciously romantic.