The Love of My (Other) Life - Traci L. Slatton In this farcical but ultimately touching story, down-on-her-luck Tessa meets a strange stranger who's also strangely familiar. The surely crazy and homeless -- yet oddly attractive -- Brian insists that he's from a parallel world and that Tessa is his wife. As they embark on a series of adventures involving art theft, a threatening fence who quotes philosophy, and an unexpected Internet sex video, Tessa will discover just how much this is, and isn't, true.This is a unique book, and difficult to classify. Despite the unfortunate cover, it's not erotica. (There's a touch of raunchy talk but no actual sex scenes.) It's not really funny enough to be humor, or speculative enough to be science fiction. It'll probably appeal to romance readers -- except those who wind up wanting to throw it against the wall for breaking "the rules." I was not one of those romance readers. Although the fast-paced, whimsical, ebullient style didn't really grab me -- I'd have to say I liked it more for the ideas than the writing -- I got caught up in the ride. Brian's tender, optimistic nature brought a life-affirming sweetness to the story that moved me.(reviewed from e-arc provided by netgalley)