The Vampyre's Revenge - Tracy Rowan I had about five second to pick a free book, and this had a fun sounding blurb and a cute cover. I don't know what I was expecting, but I've never read an m/m story quite like this one. It's a quirky little read about a geeky loser who has himself turned into a vampire, hoping it will change his life. As it turns out, being a vampire is pretty mundane, and Frank decides to spice things up by going Dracula on the ass of Will Chase, the guy who dated the girl Frank always wanted in high school. Before he has a chance though, he discovers that Will is an awesome guy who likes Buffy and comic books and old Flash Gordon episodes just as much as he does. When they become best friends attached at the hip, Frank starts to wonder if maybe there could be more between them.Despite the existence of vampires, the story isn't very exciting or sexy, just sweet, and funny in a dry sort of way. (There are also all kinds of references, like Frank trying to rate his sexual experiences: "His first time would probably have been a five... and Will... Will went to eleven.") I liked Frank's discovery that attraction isn't about gender or even really about looks for him; he has to know someone to want to be with them. (This is very true of many geeky people in my experience, albeit not generally quite that gender blind.)