Bond of Hatred - Lynne Graham 3.5 stars. This is notable for having a heroine who forces the hero to marry her, rather than the other way around. It's a super intense read that fizzles out a bit towards the end, mainly because the heroine Sarah is [gasp!] a pretty sensible person. She's driven by hatred and revenge at first, but comes to realize she's been unfair and might have hurt innocent people by her actions. I actually thought she gave the hero Alex too much credit, because he was a right bastard for most of the book.I liked that Sarah was pretty smart and tough, at least at the beginning -- her interactions with Alex really had some teeth to them. Later she got all horny and confused by his awesome manliness. There are some brutal gut-twists, and I would've liked to have seen more of Alex realizing how much he'd hurt her, since his idea of making their marriage work seemed to be mainly sweeping everything that happened under the rug.