Unfinished Business - Nora Roberts Celebrated concert pianist Vanessa returns to her home town nursing 12 year old grievances -- against her mother for letting her go, against her old boyfriend Brady for standing her up on prom night. Oddly enough, she seems to feel little resentment towards her late father for taking her away in the first place, and forcing her to perform when she hated it. (This oddity continues throughout the book -- she discovers more and more awful things her father did, yet never seems to feel any anger towards him. It was unsatisfying.)Vanessa was not likable. Brady calls her "Brat" -- so would I, but not with affection. He also finds her sulky mouth and pout sexy. Good for you, Brady. Then Brady steals the Most Irritating Character spot from Vanessa, by pressuring her to marry him when she's still trying to figure out her life. He also gets away with this; perhaps Vanessa just really needed another dominating father figure. She's certainly childish enough.It's not a bad book, aside from some fierce head-hopping, but I didn't get much enjoyment out of it.