To Be Or Not (Class of 85) - Margo Hoornstra This had an intriguing premise: Barry is meeting up with old high school girlfriend Amanda, 25 years after he almost raped her and then never spoke to her again. Unfortunately, neither the plot nor the writing made anything out of the premise. The writing ranged from awkward at worst to bland at best, and the author really needs to look up the difference between a euphemism and a cliche. The plot seriously minimized date-rape and took a generally slut-shaming, anti-woman tone. (And I didn't notice what state this takes place in, if we're told, but you have to wonder what the statutory rape laws are, since a subplot involves a 14 year old boy hooking up with an 18 year old woman.)I didn't read this page for page, but read enough significant blocks of it to feel comfortable with rating and commenting.