The Waterfalls Of The Moon - Anne Mather This was one of a few books that stuck in my memory from my adolescent Harlequin addiction. (Which just goes to show you, AA is right -- you can't ever start up again!) Someone identified it for me years ago, but I've been reluctant to actually start it. Finally I bit the bullet and found that though very dated and not as angsty as I remembered, it's still a good read. I was amused to note that it's full of Venezulan local color, which I didn't remember in the slightest bit -- I thought it took place on a ranch, because horseback riding is involved.The story is that Ruth, a rich, pampered young woman, falls for Patrick, who is much older and not into commitment. He blows hot and cold at her in an aggravating manner for awhile and finally she takes matters into her own hands and forces him to marry her. (This made quite an impression on me… such a naughty heroine!) But when Patrick discovers he was tricked, naturally all hell breaks loose. What happens next is familiar to anyone who reads a lot of Harlequins, but I guess it was a first for me and also made quite an impression on my young mind.The book is very old-fashioned in tone, to the point of being funny -- a character is aghast that the (supposedly) pregnant Ruth plans to go swimming, but he probably wouldn't have turned a hair if she'd had a drink. The book also gave me the hard-to-dislodge idea that horseback riding = instant miscarriage. And why do women in romances always pass out when miscarrying? I wish I could have! Anyway, it might have been the haze of nostalgia, but I enjoyed it.