The Husband She Never Knew - Kate Hewitt This had a lot of good points, but it didn't hang together very well. Ammar, estranged brother of the hero of [b:The Darkest of Secrets|13629404|The Darkest of Secrets (Mills & Boon Modern)|Kate Hewitt||19193174], has recently been rescued after a crash killed his cruel, amoral father and stranded him. The experience has left him wanting to change his life, and especially to reconnect with his ex-wife Noelle. Still hurting from the way he dumped her on their wedding night, Noelle doesn't want to talk to Ammar so, naturally, he has her drugged and kidnapped. Wait, what? The guy who feels so guilty about his immoral past has someone stick a needle in his ex and knock her out. Wow, I don't know how to get past that, and I'm amazed Noelle did.Admittedly, Ammar is very intriguing -- quiet, contained, with rare smiles and "wry jokes, so carefully made." You can see why Noelle wants so much to make him smile, and treasures his occasional rusty laugh. Ammar genuinely feels like someone who's been emotionally tortured. Even so, what with Noelle feeling incredibly rejected by the way Ammar treated her in the past, the book gets very emo and goes around in circles a lot. I liked the characters, I was intrigued by their situation, and I liked that Noelle had realistically had some flings, trying to get over Ammar's rejection, but it just didn't work overall.