The Ranieri Bride (For Love or Money) (Harlequin Presents, #2564) - Michelle Reid This book left me wanting to take a shower, and not in the good way. The hero Enrico is just… gross. First, just because Freya calls him on a bathroom break, he assumes she's actually peeing right then, and this puts the memory of her giving him a blow job into his head. That's a juxtaposition of ideas I could do without. He also keeps having memories in porn-worthy detail of catching her being unfaithful with his cousin. And then there's his argument for why Freya's secret baby is most likely his and not the cousin's: "'Rumor has it that Luca is so vain in the bedroom, he can only perform if there is a mirror in which he can see himself,' Enrico's hateful voice resonated on. 'There was no such mirror in our bedroom, cara, so the chances are that he could not have kept it up long enough to have been any good at the seed-sowing stuff. Unless you held a hand mirror over your face while he did it, of course.'"Excuse me a sec… I need another shower.Besides being slimy, he's also generally a douchebag: "While it is my money, you're using to pay for every item you put on your back, you will wear what I tell you to!" (This, by the way, after he fired her from her job.) I find that kind of behavior unforgivable in either fantasy or real life, but he never apologizes or gives any indication that he'll change in future. The plot goes in an utterly bizarre direction at the end, and there's no asshole hero payoff worthy of the name. The story is completely unsatisfying in just about every respect.