Taking Chances - Vanessa Grant I'm torn about this book -- love the characters, but the plot is a mess. Misty is a petite blonde who also happens to be a smart and tough private investigator; Zeb is the responsible guy who carries everyone else in the family. Their main conflict is Misty's panicked fear of getting involved with anyone -- this is explained by a bizarre relationship with the cold, remote uncle who brought her up, but I thought it was overdone, as if Misty was so strong a character, she had to be given an extra-big weakness to bring her down to size.And the plot... good grief. It starts out with a wacky kidnapping scheme, which might have been agreeably wonky, but then that all quickly resolves itself and the story goes in a completely different direction.One minor facet of the book I found interesting: one of the characters, Zeb's brother Neil, was the hero of a previous book. Although his love interest is mentioned, she doesn't figure in this book and his presence in the story is mainly because he's Zeb's brother, not because he's a previous hero coming back to show how deliriously happy he now is. You'd never see this happening today.Anyway... I think 3 stars is a little generous, but I really did like Misty, at least in the first part of the book.