Once a Ferrara Wife - Sarah Morgan 4 1/2 stars. Usually when a couple in a Harlequin Presents each think the other did them wrong, there's an external reason -- an Evil Other Woman led them astray, or a letter didn't get delivered, or a phone call was misunderstood. This story was interesting because, realistically, both parties are right -- or wrong, as the case may be. It was also interesting as a turnaround of the usual scenario: Laurel, who grew up in foster care, is the one who is emotionally closed off, while her husband Cristiano is the one who needs her to open up.The story is a total angst fest, well supported by the characterizations. Even one of my biggest pet peeve plot elements magic sperm is actually well integrated into the story as a whole. Laurel's experience really touched me on a personal level, so this might not be such a tear-jerker for others, but aside from a little dragging in the middle it's a generally good read.