The Legend of de Marco - Abby Green This reminded me a fair bit of my favorite Abby Green romance, [b:The Brazilian's Blackmail Bargain|1934240|The Brazilian's Blackmail Bargain (Harlequin Presents, #2657)|Abby Green||1936709], but has some interesting backstory to keep it fresh. Rocco De Marco is a former street kid turned tycoon, with dreams of being accepted into the highest of high society. That entails marrying a society princess. But when one of his employees commits fraud and runs away, Rocco finds himself irresistibly attracted to the employee's sister Gracie and insists she stay with him in his apartment -- just because she might be the key to the stolen money, of course. Naturally there's lots of mistrust and hurt feelings and fear of opening up, on both their sides. None of it's particularly original, but Green writes well and tells a good, emotional story.