Making Mr. Right - Val Daniels Cindy's career is remodeling run down houses and reselling them; maybe that's why her friend Parker thinks she's the perfect person to remake him into someone her sister Mallory would marry. Of course, since Cindy's been in love with Parker for most of her life, she doesn't see it in quite the same way, but she takes on the job -- hoping it will be an opportunity to get over him. But both Parker and Cindy are going to be surprised by how this makeover turns out.This was cute story and I liked the portryals of the main characters: Parker is an unusually plausible computer geek, and Cindy's fix-it talents make her a refreshingly different heroine. But I tend not to like the combination of friends-to-lovers and unrequited love plots, because generally the lover tends to come off as a major wuss. That's the case here, and the way Cindy wallows in her low-self-esteem and almost willfully refuses to see that anyone could prefer her to her sister gets annoying.(Note: the ebook edition has a number of formatting errors.)