Midnight Scandals - Courtney Milan, Sherry Thomas, Carolyn Jewel Three loosely linked historical romances share the same setting, an English country cottage, at approximately 40 year intervals during the Regency and Victorian eras. (This allows the couples in each story to still be alive during the following story, which sentimental me appreciated. I was expecting to be a little creeped out by the thoughts of their deaths.)"One Starlit Night" by Carolyn Jewel is a reunion story, notable for a highly unusual plot twist. When they were lovers, Portia had had an abortion; her lover Crispin never knew how much duress she was under and has blamed her for years. I liked the originality but otherwise this story just didn't speak to me; it seemed to be mainly wangsty and lustful monologues. 2 stars."What happened at Midnight" by Courtney Milan got off to a bad start, with a hero so unappealing, it took a while for me to believe that he really was going to be the hero. He improved tremendously later, which just made it hard for me to believe it was the same character. But the story was very fresh and emotional and, like many of Milan's books, had an interesting, historically plausible element of female empowerment. 3 1/2 stars."A Dance in Moonlight" by Sherry Thomas gives a happy ending to the other woman from Ravishing the Heiress; it could be read as a stand alone, but since it reveals how that book ends, I highly recommend reading them in order. There were some utterly delightful scenes of Isabelle and Fitzwilliam getting to know each other and falling in love, but I couldn't get over a sense that the plot was really silly and the conflict inane. 3 stars.