Convicted of Love - Lucy Gordon 3 1/2 stars. Attorney Diana Waldman is a shark in the courtroom, and a complete softie out of it. When she sees a scruffy, defiant looking man being tried without counsel, she immediately volunteers to represent him. But Lee, who is actually an undercover cop, tries to scare her off with a passionate kiss -- which backfires on both of them.From its opening, I was expecting this to be a romantic suspense story, but it's pure romance and after the beginning, very sweet. Lee and Diana are both delightful people, well matched in their warm hearts and senses of humor, and they quickly fall in love. The primary conflict is Diana's painful past, which has made it hard for her to open up to others; she collects "strays" so she is always the one giving, never the one receiving. I loved the ending in which Diana is forced to cross-examine Lee -- she expects him to feel betrayed by this, but instead he is proud of her professionalism.