Next of Kin (Unnatural Selection #3) - Ann Somerville I don't usually read two books in a series in a row, but when I saw that Next of Kin was narrated by Anton instead of Nick, I just had to. Unfortunately, we don't see a whole lot of Anton's sparkling personality in this one, because it's quite a harrowing story. Policeman Nick and biologist Anton are married now, and happily settled down. Then one day, Nick just doesn't come home. His homophobic superior officer refuses to take his disappearance seriously -- it's not like gay marriage is a real commitment, right? Anton is forced to rely on his own resources and the couple's determined group of friends to seek out his husband, desperately hoping the search won't end in a body.The science fiction element in this series is once again an important player, as it becomes clear that Nick's disappearance is likely linked to his "vee" status, medically-induced vampirism. But it's mostly a romantic suspense story (though not without some laughs) and certainly suspenseful. I recommend reading the other books in the series first though, since it will have more impact if you already know Anton and Nick as a couple.