Devil's Advocate - Vanessa James This was just awful and I loved almost every minute of it. It's one of those books that you could use as an example of everything wrong with older romance novels: sexism, spousal rape, slut-shaming, and other great s words. The romance started when Luisa was just 15, so that list almost includes "statutory rape." But it's got angst up the wazoo, supported by unusually good writing: the heroine-only pov is masterfully done, the love scenes are exquisite, and the end brings out such a great character arc for Luisa that I could almost forgive the fact that Julius doesn't suffer nearly enough to make up for what an asshat he was. But not quite: Luisa is assaulted, injured, and almost raped twice and blamed by Julius for it both times. He needed more of a comeuppance; that brought the book down from a potential 5 stars. A must read for Harlequin Presents fans.