Cruise Control (Harlequin Blaze, #251) - Sarah Mayberry 3 1/2 stars. Anna and Marc only plan on having a no-strings fling, but to their bemusement, find it developing into something more. But after having had breast cancer, Anna is afraid of commiting to an actual relationship.This was longer than it needed to be, and took a while to get going. I found all the stuff about Anna being too uptight or moral to have a fling kind of pointless, since it's established that she's determined to change her life and go for the gusto. It seemed like a gesture to assuage readers who wouldn't like a heroine who's just out for sex. But the chemistry is terrific -- so much so that I didn't mind it being an insta-lust story -- and I enjoyed the subplot about Anna's gay and closeted brother. Mayberry really fills out the story and makes the characters seem real.