Wedding in the Family - Susan Alexander 3.5 stars. A good Harlequin oldie, intense without a lot of eye-rolling. Davina is upset about having to attend her sister's wedding to her own former fiance; her boss offers to pretend to be engaged to her if she'll do the same for him with his ailing father. The wedding is quite an angst-fest, with almost everyone involved being pretty awful to her; this manages not to be too over the top because a) Davina stands up for herself and b) they mostly come around later and are ashamed of themselves. Meanwhile, Davina finds herself over her ex and in love with her boss, but despite his passionate kisses and the way he wastes away to nothing when they're apart, she persists in believing he doesn't care about her.There's a big age difference -- she's not quite 21, he's 37 -- and some pretty dated attitudes about sex, so there's no actual nookie in this story. The tension is well done though, and I enjoyed Davina's staunch refusal to take any crap -- most of the time, anyway.