Where Fires Once Burned (Harlequin American Romance) - Zelma Orr I feel like I should say a few words about this, because no one else has and the description isn't that informative. April and Russ were each other's first loves, but after they got married, he got itchy feet and regretted having been deprived of more experience. He divorces her and moves away and April is so depressed she flunks out of college. To make things worse, his parents distance themselves from her too, so she's totally alone.April begins a new life as a truck driver (how cool is that?!) but never really recovers. When she hears that Russ has been kidnapped, she tries to go to his parents and offer comfort, but they reject her and blame her for his situation. Oh the anguish and unfairness!Russ, meanwhile, has had some sense knocked into his head by the experience and after he's released wants to win April back, but he doesn't know how to find her. Then he sees a news item about a truck accident and discovers she's been injured and lost her memory. And guess what this prince of a guy does...It's all excruciatingly sad, but somehow not too sad... I would probably give it five stars because it's so unforgettable, but I thought the ending was a bit lacking; Russ gets away with too much, too easily. Still, a wonderful read if you truly enjoy angsty romance.