The Dark Side of Desire - Michelle Reid Lots to drive a person crazy here. There's the weird writing: “Her heart creased achingly.” What does that even mean? There's the icky 16 year old heroine/23 year old hero relationship -- an age gap that's totally unnecessary to the story, since they grew up together. It would not only have been less icky but far more plausible if he had been younger. And then there's the heroine so helpless in the face of her attraction to the hero, she should be in a 12-step program.On the plus side, neither hero nor heroine is really to blame for the secret baby. There's a believably sullen kid, who isn't all puppies and rainbows about meeting the dad he never knew. And some lovely misery and bitterness and tragic misunderstandings caused by a skanky villainess. Wait, is that a plus or a minus? Oh never mind, it's fun.