The Marriage Betrayal - Lynne Graham

I have very mixed feelings about this. For much of the book, I thought it had an unusually fresh feel. The characters seemed genuinely young, and not the usual Harlequin Presents mainstays, despite being 1) a virgin and 2) a Greek tycoon. The heroine was sensible and not prone to bickering. (She seemed a bit of a doormat at first, but asserts herself more as time goes on.) The hero is immature, but redeemable.


And then the ending was so rushed and incomplete. With, it turns out, reason -- this is the first half of a duo. And not only is there not a complete happy ending, but the relationship is going to be put through hell in the second book. And that inevitably spoils some of my pleasure in this one. 

Incidentally, there was not a clue about this in the first book. The ebook literally starts on the first page of the story and ends on the last, with no other information given. Very unfair to the reader!


I'm reading the second, because I sort of need to to make sure they get a happy ending, but I am not happy about it.