Three Mistresses Are Better Than One

The Greek's Chosen Wife (A Mediterranean Marriage) - Lynne Graham

This contemporary romance has a historical kind of plot. Nik and Prudence were forced into marriage, and after a disaster of a wedding night that left the marriage unconsummated, he want back to his playboy ways. (Three mistresses at once. Three! You have to say that in the accent of Bryony from "Arthur Christmas.") But they remained on good terms while living separate lives for eight years, and Nik always figured that at some point he'd settle down with Prudence; it's quite a shock when she tells him she wants a divorce, because she plans to become a mother.

Prudence is equally shocked that Nik wants a real marriage, and after having to force herself to get over her infatuation with him, she doesn't want to risk her heart again. But Nik is not going to take no for an answer.

I enjoyed this slightly offbeat reunion story. The characters are sweet; Nik is much less of an asshole than you'd think. The plot strained credulity a bit.... how they went from Prudence refusing to have anything to do with Nik after their wedding to them being chummy while he's cavorting with his harem is unclear to me. And then it got very episodic in the last third of the book, with a lot of drama to create conflict for the couple. It could've been shorter and been just fine.