Snowed - Pamela Burford

This is well written and I enjoy the author's voice -- the dialogue has a nice give and take, and the sex scenes are strong.  But the plot was just gross! I really dislike books that play around with incest, especially when it's done very deliberately to titillate. This isn't the worst I've encountered, but bad enough.


Other things that bugged me:


-- James finds Leah asleep in his bed and calls her his "birthday present." He's aggressive when she rejects him, but then gets all horrified when he realizes she was almost raped the night before. Because what he was just considering isn't rape, of course. She was in his bed, ergo she belongs to him.


-- Neither of them even mention the possibility of having the rapist arrested. James's advice: "Don't dwell on this, Leah. Just chalk it up as one of life's brutally educational experiences." I'm sure the next woman the guy successfully rapes will be comforted by that advice.


-- James later goes and beats the rapist up. That makes it okay.


I'll read Burford again, but hope for less ick.