What Just Happened?

Heartbreaker - Diana Palmer

There was just so much weirdness in this one. One secondary character talks about how her mom cared more about her career than her family, adding "It was almost a relief for Dad, and us, when she died." Wow. Later she mentions casually that she's prone to migraines, as if she'd said, "Oh yeah, an elephant sometimes sits on my face, no biggie."


But the stuff with the hero was the weirdest of all. He tells the heroine that she's putty in his hands and he could have her whenever he wants, but at the end explains that he'd been waiting for her to grow up and be able to physically respond to him. Wha...? I'm so confused...


Oh, and after being warned that he must let the concussed amnesiac heroine regain her memory naturally, and dealing with all kinds of complications to protect her from discovering she's forgotten five years of her life, he decides to just up and tell her, "You're actually 22, not 17" so that it's not as gross when he makes out with her.


Even with all that, I enjoyed it. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a really nasty Palmer hero and this one was super nasty. And the heroine was pretty tough, not just a doormat.