Three Weeks With Lady X - Eloisa James

Most of the reviews I've read of this say it's really good but goes downhill at the end. I thought it was just bearable and then got so bad, I was tempted to stop listening with just an hour left. It's cliched and obvious and the lack of any kind of moral center is simply appalling. Thorn thinks nothing of having sex with the unmarried woman he is setting up with his closest friend. India also gives no thought at all that the man she's considering marrying might be legitimately bothered by her having been with his best friend, like, a day previously. And neither of them consider how Thorn's intended wife would feel if she ever found out her entire home had been designed and decorated by her husband's lover.

Thorn's intended Lala is constantly described as sweet and warm and simple, yet there's no real sign of this in her depiction -- it's as if the narrative is saying, well, she can't just be shy and boring, so we have to give her some kind of positive quality. She's actually perhaps the most interesting character in the book, since her so-called simplicity is due to being learning disabled and consequently thinking she's stupid.

If I want to read about people having indiscriminate sex without any thought for others or possible consequences, I'll read a contemporary. No wait. That doesn't work either.