I Wanted Something More

Wanting Something More - Kathy Love

I bought this with a Kobo 90% off coupon, and I think I want my $.42 back.


After enjoying the first two books in this series, I was really curious about how the slimy character Nathaniel was going to be reformed into a hero. That issue was resolved in an unusual way: after being attacked and having a near-death experience, Nate is no longer the callous, obnoxious person he once was.  But he was very nasty to heroine Marty in high school, and she has trouble believing in his reform.


What bothered me was the very classist way in which Nate's change is expressed: he used to be a good ole boy, but now women in tight clothes and heavy make-up aren't classy enough for him. I think there's an attempt to create some balance between the depiction of all bad, "trashy" characters and all good "classy" characters, but it felt pretty feeble.


The plot was also heavily melodramatic and then dwindled away into nothing at the end. If you're going to do melodrama, you need to have some follow-through and payoff.