The Alibi - Sandra Brown

I listened to this as an audiobook. The male narrator was pretty good, though with a tendency to rush dialogue. He also didn't distinguish between the characters very well. But I guess Victor Slezak can't narrate everything.


I'm surprised by how popular this book is, because I thought it was pretty aggravating. Everything about it is TSTL. It's supposed to be romantic that the upstanding hero gives up all his principles because he falls for the heroine, but actually he gave them up before she was even in the picture, so I never believed in him as a good guy. The heroine insists on having a lawyer before she speaks to the police, and then proceeds to ignore everything he advises her to do. Her life is in danger but she never bothers to fix her broken door. And the alibi situation is just ludicrous. Who would deliberately pick someone who has everything to lose and would be highly motivated to lie as their alibi? The killer is pretty obvious, too.


The love scenes were good, and it did keep my interest, so I'll give it a generous -- to my mind -- three stars.