The Mistress Files (The Original Sinners #3.5)

The Mistress Files - Tiffany Reisz Sharp, funny erotic tales from the Dominatrix career of the main character of [b:The Siren|16388522|The Siren (The Original Sinners, #1)|Tiffany Reisz||15888570] and its sequels. There are hints about her background, but I think it would stand alone. (Though you'll especially want to read this if you're a fan of Kingsley Edge.) The BDSM scenes are serious and intense, but the book overall has a lighthearted feel. Though told from Nora's perspective, it felt like a very plausible look into the minds of people on both sides of this relationship.There's a little repetition between stories, and a few editing errors in the ebook edition.