Blind Space

Blind Space - Marie Sexton This is much less freaky and unnerving than the blurb makes it sound, which for me was a plus. Tristan is only temporarily blinded, and though he is a prisoner, his captors aren't ruthless or unprincipled. The main conflict is Tristan's struggle between his loyalty to his government and his attraction to the space pirate Valero, with a little extra spice thrown in by his (to him) shameful kink. Women's lingerie -- a perfect fit for someone temporarily blind, with other senses heightened. Valero has a sad backstory, but mostly the book is highly sensual and emotional rather than angsty.Science fiction is often too complicated for me, so I was pleased with how accessible the background is, as well as impressed by the simple elegance of the prose. Sexton is a terrific writer, and this was just about perfectly satisfying.