Doukakis's Apprentice (Harlequin Presents Series #3021)

Doukakis's Apprentice - Sarah Morgan I've never been more annoyed about the lack of respect Harlequin pays to its category romances: this is a really good book, and it's almost ruined by lousy continuity. How hard can it be for a proofreader to notice that the hero's sister changes names from one paragraph to the next, several times. (Not the only continuity issue, either.)That aside, I was charmed by this. It's not at all a typical Presents, but not in that way that makes me think it was published in the wrong line -- although not high on drama, it has just enough of everything it needs to feel right. Ironically, the fact that it seems genuinely contemporary reminds me of the great HPs of the past, in which there was variety and surprises and a sense of zeitgeist. The best thing about the story is its heroine. Polly has a sad past, but she is tough and resilient as well as intelligent and creative. But my absolutely favorite thing about her is that when Damon sexually humiliates her, in classic HP style, instead of suffering in silence, she does it right back to him. with the instruction "Just because you're insanely good at kissing, that doesn't give you the right to make a fool of me. Don't ever do that again." I was also very amused when the commitment-phobic Damon is highly tense after they sleep together, only to discover that she has no interest in trying to form a relationship with him, which leaves him curiously aggrieved.I started this review with a complaint about Harlequin; I'll end it by praising them for publishing a book that's different and fun. Please, keep it up! And hire some more proofreaders!