Her Secret, His Child

Her Secret, His Child - Paula Detmer Riggs Let me mention upfront that I didn't read this word for word. The writing was not enticing enough to compensate for a lot of dull plot details. I think I did read all the important parts.I picked this up because it was mentioned as being controversial, and unsurprisingly I feel pretty ambivalent about it. I can understand why some people think it's so good, and I think the author's intentions were excellent, but for me it could not overcome an aura of date-rape apologist, despite striving very hard for the opposite of that.I can deal with a rapey hero. If you like Old Skool books, that's practically a requirement. What bothered me here was the heroine's ultimate conclusion that it was partially her own fault and he really couldn't help raping her. Just... no.I did like the emphasis on sexual and reproductive issues for the paraplegic hero, and it seemed to be well researched. (Another reviewer says no, it's inaccurate.)