Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures

Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures - Amber Dusick If you're someone wondering what having young children is like, a parent with young children who needs a reality check -- yes, it really is that crazy, it's not just you -- or someone with older kids who needs reminding that things actually are easier now, this is an entertaining read. Dusick ponders some of the inescapable rules of parenting such as. "A baby can't use a spoon or tie his shoes, but he can delete applications from your phone." Little stories from her life, both funny and cute, are illustrated with stick figure "crappy pictures." It's perhaps fitting that the parts of the story that most made me laugh had to do with poop. Of course, when you're dealing with young kids, half your life has to do with poop.It's pretty easy to tell this was a blog first. As a book, it's a quick read, a little repetitious, and pretty lightweight. Perfect for those 5 seconds you have to yourself in the bathroom.