Beneath the Veil of Paradise (Harlequin Presents Series #3111)

Beneath the Veil of Paradise - Kate Hewitt 3.5 stars. Today I happened across a review of mine of another recent Harlequin Presents, about which I wrote, "Larissa and Jack are the only characters, interacting only with each other -- the story has a somewhat claustrophobic feeling, like a movie set in one room." That's exactly the feeling I got from this. I read guidelines for Presents a few years back which emphasized focusing on the two main characters, but I think maybe they're overdoing it. Not only do Millie and Chase interact almost exclusively with each other, they do so with an almost instant intensity, that left me feeling overwhelmed as well as claustrophobic. After some time passes and the intensity becomes more plot-based and less… free-floating, I enjoyed the story more. It's about two strangers on an supposedly carefree vacation who are both struggling with tragedy; Millie is as closed off as possible from her pain, Chase is trying to experience life to the fullest. When Millie suggests a fling, she's hoping to find forgetfulness, but Chase has other ideas, and their emotions collide in a way that brings up a lot more than they bargained for.Despite my issues with the style, I thought this was a well characterized, intelligent, and moving story, and the love scenes are as intense as the rest of it. There were a few errors (possibly ebook only, I'm not sure) and although both characters are Americans, there are several noticeable Britishisms. Trigger warning: Past death of a child.