The Water Witch: A Novel

The Water Witch (Fairwick Chronicles #2) - Carol Goodman, Juliet Dark Warning: spoilers for [b:The Demon Lover|11436723|The Demon Lover (Fairwick Chronicles, #1)|Juliet Dark||16370337] are inevitable when reviewing this. I wouldn't recommend reading them out of order in any case.This series appeals to the hopeless -- or rather hopeful -- romantic in me. Callie McFay is half human; her incubus lover is, well, an incubus, sure to suck the life out of her. At the end of The Demon Lover, she was forced to banish him to an eternity of pain in the hellish Borderlands. But of course she can't forget him; when chance takes her to the Borderlands, she sets him free to live in Faerie, wondering why she can't seem to love him enough to turn him human.Back in the "real" world, Callie is faced with another problem -- an organization of witches is trying to close the last doorway into Faerie. If they succeed, the many non-human residents of Fairwick will have to choose whether to move permanently to Faerie or stay behind, and either choice has ugly consequences. This sort of book that would normally be classified as "urban fantasy," but the tone is very different from most books of that type -- dark and sensual in a gothic sort of way, and seeped with ancient folklore. There was less clash between mythological and modern elements in this book than in the first, and the tone felt more consistent.The Water Witch is very similar to The Demon Lover and once again, I felt irritated at Callie's gothic heroine cluelessness. But I was also once again captivated by the tragedy of star-crossed love and eagerly awaiting some kind of solution. Will I get it? Here's hoping The Hallowed Door will tell. (reviewed from e-arc provided by netgalley)