The Fortune Hunter

The Fortune Hunter - Diane Farr 4 1/2 stars. Everyone told me this was much better than [b:Falling for Chloe|701571|Falling for Chloe (Lord Rival, #1)|Diane Farr||687871] and everyone was right! George, Lord Rival, is sick of living off of playing cards with lovestruck women; he needs to marry a heiress so he can restore his family estate and help his dependents. Fortunately for him, events conspire to put him in frequent contact with Lady Olivia, an extremely wealthy, independent spinster. Unfortunately for him, he accidentally reveals his plan to her at their first meeting.Olivia has had a painful run-in with a fortune hunter before, as well as the extremely bad example of her brutish brother's marriage; she has no intention of ever giving up her independence. But being courted by such a handsome, charming man is so delightful; since she'll never agree to marry him, there couldn't be any harm in letting it continue for a little while... could there?Smart, competent, but unexpectedly vulnerable Olivia and suave, calculating, but unexpectedly emotional George make a wonderful couple, and the sexual tension between them simmers until it boils over. (The story is slightly more risque than the standard traditional Regency, though not explicit.) It makes me understand why some people love rake heroes, because it's just so satisfying to see him tamed by love, without even knowing it.