The Price of Retribution (Harlequin Presents Extra Series #217)

The Price of Retribution - Sara Craven This started out great, a rare revenge romance in which the heroine is the one out for blood. Tarn sets out to seduce and humiliate Caz, to avenge the foster sister he used and discarded. Of course, she winds up in love with him too... but as we see as the book begins, she carries through with her plan anyway. It quickly becomes clear that Tarn's sister is a liar and that she is an idiot, which didn't really bother me at first, since aren't revenge plots inherently pretty stupid? And Craven wrote it cleverly -- just when I reached the point where I thought, "Okay, it's become utterly ludicrous that she hasn't caught on yet," something happened to confirm her beliefs. But it all dragged on too long, with Tarn resolutely holding onto despising Caz even in the face of more and more conflicting evidence. I also missed Caz's point of view, which we see at first but which then disappears; he winds up seeming kind of dumb too, for falling so hard for someone who's always lying to him. Finally, there wasn't much of a payoff at the end. So though it was a fairly entertaining read, it worked its way from a possible 4 stars down to 2.