Carla Kelly's Christmas Collection - Carla Kelly 3 1/2 stars. This is what I wrote about "The Christmas Ornament" when I originally read it in an anthology: "Kelly's stories are always the jewel in any collection. This was an unique tale about a shy intellectual who finds his perfect match but keeps cocking it up. Eventually he realizes that the way to his lady's heart is through appreciating and understanding her as a person. The entire story is told from his point of view."Kelly's stories don't shine quite as much when collected together, where their similarities stand out more. The first three of these four stories are all about men falling in love and screwing it up at first, all told entirely from their points of view. The quirkiness of her style also starts to seem a little repetitive. There's still much to enjoy: likable characters, sweet romance, original plots, and a sense of the period.