A Certain Slant of Light - Lauren Malina, Laura Whitcomb Helen has been dead -- or "light" -- for over a hundred years; unseen and unheard, the closest thing to company she has are the human hosts she attaches herself to. Then one day, the impossible happens: someone sees her. James, a former World War II soldier who was also light, has discovered that he can inhabit a body that was deserted by its spirit. Within the body he can see and hear other ghosts... but he can't touch them.After decades of loneliness, Helen and James want nothing more than to be physically together and there's an obvious solution -- find another deserted body. But in their only partially aware state and eagerness to be together, Helen and James don't consider the ethics of what they're doing... or the fact that people who have left their bodies might have had very good reasons for doing so.This was a romantic, suspenseful, and subtly horrifying story, with an exquisite ending that made me sob. I enjoyed the audio very much, and would recommend it as a good way to let the odder parts of the story just flow over you. (There's a sequel coming out in 2013, but I recommend not checking it out until you've read this, because the synopsis is inherently a spoiler.)